The Nuclear AMRC provides a flexible range of research and business improvement services to help companies win work in the nuclear sector.

We help manufacturers and engineering service providers through manufacturing R&D and supply chain development. If we can help your company, we want to hear from you – we are open to all.

We can work with you on targeted R&D projects to develop manufacturing processes and technologies to meet your business needs. We have the production-scale facilities and the manufacturing expertise to help you improve cycle time, reduce lead time, improve quality, reduce costs, develop new capabilities, and compete in a global market.

Our capabilities and services are open to all UK manufacturers of all sizes. We provide a responsive service to help you solve your manufacturing challenges and win new work, and offer a range of additional specialist services for SMEs.

You can work with us on R&D projects in a number of different ways. You can commission commercial research to address your specific needs, and retain full ownership of the resulting knowledge. You can join a collaborative research project, drawing on external funding and working with a consortium of like-minded organisations, to tackle shared challenges or meet your longer-term technology objectives. We also offer joint industry projects, which allow a small self-funding consortium of companies to tackle a shared challenge while retaining commercial confidentiality, and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, to help you introduce new capabilities or business improvements.

We can also help you raise your quality, capability and cost competitiveness to meet the needs of the global nuclear industry. Our Fit For Nuclear programme has become the benchmark for UK nuclear manufacturing, and is the ideal first step into the sector.

To get the most value from your relationship with us, you can become a member of the Nuclear AMRC. Membership gives you access to our generic projects and the opportunity to determine our core research, plus significant business development and networking opportunities.

To find out more about how we can help you, email

Commercial R&D

Commission targeted research to resolve your manufacturing challenges.

Collaborative R&D

Investigate shared challenges with a consortium of partners and external funding.

Joint industry projects

Work with your industry peers to tackle common technology challenges.

Fit For Nuclear

Test your readiness to win work in nuclear, and close any gaps with our support.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Develop new technical or management capabilities with support from our experts.


Access the highest level of support at the heart of the nuclear supply chain.

Working with us can give you:

  • Game-changing process improvements.
  • Rapid solutions to your current manufacturing problems.
  • De-risking of high-value one-off projects.
  • Proof of concept for innovative manufacturing techniques.
  • Transfer of knowledge and processes from other sectors.
  • New intellectual property.