By considering measurement and verification requirements early in the product development cycle, we can help you reduce cost and risk in manufacturing.

Nuclear and other energy sectors often require components with large dimensions but tight tolerances – a combination which can be beyond the capabilities of standard measurement techniques. To ensure safe operation throughout a component’s life, we offer design for inspection (DFI) studies to put metrology requirements at the heart of product development.

Your challenge

A DFI study can add value if:

  • You are designing a new product and need to ensure the design can be measured efficiently.
  • You need an independent review of your inspection strategy.
  • You need support to develop a robust inspection plan for your component.

Our service

  • We consider the inspection methods and instruments used to certify component and product conformity, early in the design process.
  • We review your measurement needs and business drivers, based on your drawings, site visits, and discussion with your design teams.
  • We review your designs against factors such as datum structure, tolerances, accessibility, and the effects of surface finish.
  • We provide a detailed report, with evidenced recommendations for your design.


A DFI study can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of measurement and verification causing problems during manufacture.
  • Reduce costs during production and inspection.
  • Ensure your business is meeting the needs of your client.


Find out more

Download the design for inspection flyer (pdf, 100kb) for more detail on our services and capabilities.

For an informal discussion about your inspection requirements, contact David Stoddart, head of simulation and verification.